Of These Mountains

Of These Mountains

By Kendall R. Rumsey

When Impressed was opened as a custom apparel design company over two years ago, one of the dreams was to create a line that would highlight everything that makes our community so special; last month, OF THESE MOUNTANS was launched.


Of These Mountains is a celebration of everything that makes our community such an amazing place to live.  

The Impressed team feels that everything we have in our corner of this world comes directly from the mountains that surround us, our lifestyle, our recreation, our economy, our history and our future, the new Of These Mountains brand celebrates those natural resources.

With designs that are created and produced by local talents, the brand is rooted in generations of history.

Featuring t-shirts, Comfort Color shirts, hats, stickers, and more, the Of These Mountains lifestyle brand is offered on high quality apparel and feature unique designs that impress.

Shirts and caps begin at $18.

Since being released, the Of These Mountains brand has received great feedback from customers and the apparel is beginning to be seen throughout the community.

Of These Mountains is offered exclusively by Impressed at 621 Highway 441 South in the Station House Shopping Center.  

New designs will be rolled out periodically to continue the celebration of all that makes our community special.

In addition to the storefront, Of These Mountains may be found online at www.ofthesemountains.com or on Facebook and Instagram.

Celebrate our community and the lifestyle we enjoy with Of These Mountains, presented to you by Impressed.

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