Introducing our NEW Tread Lightly Tee + Tips & Tricks for Responsible Adventuring

Introducing our NEW Tread Lightly Tee + Tips & Tricks for Responsible Adventuring

Checkout the NEW OTM Tread Lightly Tee, designed to encourage trail preservation & responsible adventuring. Shop Now 

Tips for treading lightly on your next hike:
Stay on the trail: Trails are where they are for a reason, to ensure safety, minimize land erosion and prevent us from destroying fragile ecosystems. Stay on the path to protect yourself and preserve our trails.
    • Leave it better than you found it: Always carry out what you carry in. Take it a step further by leaving it better than you found it! Stick a grocery bag in your backpack and pick up any litter you see on your way out of the forest.
      • Observing without disturbing: Observe our forest friends from a distance, never feed or pick up wildlife (regardless of how cute and cuddly they look).
        • Take only pictures and memories: It can be tempting to collect rocks or pick flowers while on the trail, but it’s best to leave things as they are. Millions of people visit our public lands each year and if each took a piece of nature with them on their way out, the effects would be devastating.
          • Prepare: Check the weather and prepare for emergencies in advance. Hiking a muddy trail can be dangerous, damage the trail's condition and impact the surrounding ecosystems. Always thoroughly research the area you will be exploring beforehand and bring a map and compass or GPS in case you find yourself in an emergency situation.
            • Be mindful: There’s nothing more peaceful and relaxing than the sounds of nature. To avoid disturbing wildlife and other hikers, try to keep voices low, electronic devices turned down, and headphones on.

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